Robert J. Hall

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Office: 718F Harrington Tower
Phone: 845-1800
FAX: 862-1256

Co-Director of the EREL   (Educational Research and Evaluation Laboratory)


Research Interests

  • Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • Confidence and performance
  • Assessment and instruction
  • Motivation

  • On-Line Course Material

    EPSY 435 Educational Statistics - Introduction to the theory and application of statistical methods in behavioral science research.
    EPSY 602 Educational Psychology - This course provides an in-depth look at current theory and research in cognitive psychology as it relates to instruction.
    EPSY 640 Experimental Design in Education I - Application of statistical methods and interpretation of results from experimental studies.

    SMARTLib Science and Mathematics Research and Teaching Digital Library - SmartLib is an Electronic Library maintained by the College of Science at Texas A&M University.  It is available as a resource for bot h research and teaching.  The goal of SmartLib is to build an electronic repository of curricula, JAVA and JAVASCRIPT tools; interactive simulation and modeling tools; VRML, DHTML, and other visualization tools; interactive testing instruments; st atistical analysis tools; database of quizzes, and tests and interactive problem sets in the areas of Math and Science.
    TEKS Science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - (TEKS) are revised science curriculum objectives.  This site contains an enhanced navigational tool for searching the Texas Science curriculum across common processes and concept strands for grades kindergarten through high school in the area of science.
    Venn Diagram Power Point Demo (includes Real Video)
    Finite Math Project with Brooks-Cole Publishing Company
    Finite Math Project Finite Math Gateway to interactive applets and courseware
    Basic Statistics Interactive courseware in basic statistics.  Topics include organizing and graphing data; measures of central tendency; measures of variability; and measures of shape.
    IT Journals List of Ed. Tech/ IT Journals and other resources

    Short Vita